Clay & I are married and love to have adventures together. Clay is a lover of all things music. From the minute he gets home, the record player is spinning until he walks out the door again. It's how our kids know he's home. The books on his nightstand are all about music. Same with the pile on the coffee table. Let's be honest, records are currently taking over our home. He has been influenced by all types of music his entire life, as I'm sure you have. He loves it. He immerses himself in it and finds out everything he can about the music he is into at the time. A large majority of the conversations he has, will be either about music or at least have a reference to it.

We're all about music documentaries, and vinyl, and live concerts, and music biographies over here. That kind of love needs to spill out somewhere. A few years ago, he started up a Twitter account as a type of music journal. A place to put his thoughts. This has turned into a vast music family. A place where fellow music lovers share their enthusiasm, give recommendations, have discussions, and mostly geek out together. And that, my friends, is how Geeking On Music was born and operates still.

We're really excited about the growth we've seen, the support we've received, and the opportunities allowed us. We love to be a part of the music community and do our best to promote artists in whatever way we can.

I'm just on here mostly to giggle, take some photos, and listen to good music with my best friend.



The music you hear in the intro an outro of this podcast is made by The Swinging Lights. Good friends of ours and a great band! You can listen to their full album here.     



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