EPISODE 3: Clay and Justin discuss the why's and how's of setting up your own Hifi/analog vinyl Record playing system.



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In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of having a HiFi/Analog vinyl record playing system vs. the pros and cons of the digital world that surrounds us.  We go over the many combinations of how you can arrange your system based on your needs and budget; from all-in-one turntables with built in speakers, to tube amplification.  We go over how this all works from needle to speakers.  Belt driven turn tables vs. direct drive, moving magnet cartridges vs. moving coil, standard mounting cartridges vs. P-mount, how to pair and align your cartridge and set up your turntable.  We also discuss pre-amps, power amps, receivers and speakers.  We are in no way insufferable know-it-alls and there is no way one episode can cover everything there is to know about the subject.  This episode is intended to cover the basics for those of you who have asked about our personal systems, who are interested but know little to nothing about vinyl or how to set up a home HiFi system. There is so much more information out there and differing opinions, but our hope is that this episode covers enough of the basics that you can feel confident getting started on setting up your own HiFi/Analog vinyl record playing systems.  We also give advice on how to achieve wonderful sound at home without breaking the bank. 


How vinyl records are made - This is a fascinating video that shows all the steps that go into cutting a record.

These are the sounds left behind when you compress a song to MP3.  Make sure to read the article as well. 


The Best Turntables Under $500

Moving Coil vs. Moving Magnet Cartridges

*SPECIAL NOTE* - Moving coil cartridges have different pre-amp requirements than moving magnet and are not always the best choice for beginners. 


Our recommendation for standard mount cartridges from $85-$250

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Yaquin Power amp

Powered bookshelf speakers

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Best vintage speakers if you can find them

Klipsch Heresy

CM Timewindows






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Extra items you don't need but are nice to have.